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Bath Bombs (Various Shapes) & Bath Bomb Truffles

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Bath bombs (or bath fizzies) are traditionally made when combining citric acid and baking soda. With a little more science, and ingredient know-how, you can get a luxurious, relaxing, and restorative bath.

Our bath bombs will fizz and bubble for an extended period of time - up to 10 minutes.

These bath bombs are made in various shapes, scents, and colors. Some of these options are hand painted - others are Bath Bomb Truffles which is simply a bath bomb with additional skin-loving butters (cocoa and kokum). These butters can absorb into skin for an extra bonus.

For a special scent or color request, please message me for options.


  • Strawberry (Butterfly) - Hand-Painted
  • Fruit Loops (Donut) - Bath Bomb Truffle
  • Pink Sands (Mermaid Tail) - Bath Bomb Truffle
  • All You Need is Love (Pink Heart) - Bath Bomb Truffle
  • Acai Berries & Satin (Purple Heart) - Bath Bomb Truffle
  • Rainbow Sherbet (Unicorn) - Hand- painted
  • Reindeer Poo (Macaron) - Bubble Bath Bomb Truffle
  • Apple Mango (Macaron) - Bubble Bath Bomb Truffle


***Bombs weigh approximately 165-175 grams (5.8-6.2 oz)*** Slight variations in weight (~2g) are likely due to the handmade nature of this product. 


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Grapeseed Oil, Epsom Salt, Cornstarch, Fragrance, Witch Hazel, Cream of Tartar, Polysorbate-80, Skin Safe Colorant (Varies due to scent and color used - please message for any questions and concerns if needed)